About Us

Who We Are: We are a collection of highly-skilled volunteer professionals in Canada who provide pro-bono consulting and professional services to non-profits.The clients we serve are our Community Partners. We design strategies, systems and processes to make their work and impact the very best it can be. The end result is an enriching experience for our volunteer consultants, and important efficiency and growth improvements for our Community Partners.

What We Hope to Achieve: When a project concludes, we leave our Community Partners with the training and resources they need to implement positive change. We also leave them with a plan on how to track these improvements. We check-up on Community Partners and provide periodic reviews to enable steady improvement. Community Seed consultants get an incredibly rewarding experience, working with top peers in their respective fields to achieve meaningful change.

Our Philosophy

Vision: To become a non-profit sector partner and primary knowledge source; to facilitate growth in shared value between core non-profit stakeholders; to provide better value to volunteers, donors, and communities who support a charitable cause.

Mission: To improve community organizations in a measurable way through the provision of pro-bono consulting services and thought leadership.

Core Values:
  • Measurable Impact: We develop pragmatic, outcome-focused solutions that drive value creation and materially impact organizational constituents of the Community Partners we serve.
  • Partnership: We partner with volunteers to provide the best development opportunities for improving quality of life domestically and abroad.
  • Stewardship: We provide professionals a path towards leveraging their skills to build stronger non-profits that achieve greater impact in their communities.
  • Innovation: We provide thought leadership to Community Partners and offer unique solutions towards organizational goal achievement and growth.

Our Services

Community Seed consultants engage with Community Partners to understand their core activities, business norms, operating styles and specific issues. Consultants conduct detailed assessments and offer strategic advice along with training and materials to support implementation. Community Seed consultants apply best practices and analysis to create unique solutions for unique non-profit organizations. Community Seed defines project goals clearly and adheres to specific metrics to define success.

Common questions we help our Community Partners answer include:

  • How can we improve the effectiveness of our volunteers and leaders?
  • How can we plan for the future of our organization?
  • How do we create more value for our donations and better serve our target populations?
  • How can we strengthen our brand?
  • How can we improve our cost profile?

Community Seed Consultants offer an exceptional breadth of experience and specialized knowledge. Contact Us with your specific challenge or question, and we can let you know if we are the right partner for your organization.

Our Competency Areas
  • Organizational Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Measurement
  • Human Capital
  • Funding and Marketing Strategy
  • New Service Development
  • Market Studies and Research

Why Work With Us?

Community Partners
Our Community Partners gain access to the professional skills they need to overcome tough challenges and become more effective. Our Community Seed consultants and cross-functional teams bring deep skills and experience to organizational problem solving. We are focused on helping our Community Partners achieve their goals and missions.
Our Consultants are able to help non-profits in a strategic way that fits within their norms, interests and time commitments. To support their efforts, consultants receive access to professional development and support from industry experts. They gain a network of skilled, like-minded individuals, while creating meaningful change in their community and in communities abroad.

Our Team

To make it all happen, we have a core group of dedicated volunteers. This passionate group continues to grow Community Seed.

Say hello to the people of Community Seed:

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