Community Partners

Community Seed consultants are driven, talented and socially conscious. We choose our volunteers carefully. After all, you choose us carefully, as do our Community Partners.

All we need is 15 minutes to get to know you better. Fill in our online application describing your skills, experience and interests.

Community Seed’s Community Partners:

  • Serve a valuable community/social purpose
  • Range in organizational size or scope (inclusive of start-ups, small non-profits and large organizations)
  • Have specific project(s) in mind where Community Seed can help, or are willing to work with us to determine one
  • Appoint specific project managers within their organizations to liaise with Community Seed consultants
  • Provide access to relevant information required to understand and improve their organizations
  • Receive support from the Board of Directors or Executive Director
  • Do not intend to use Community Seed resources in fundraising efforts

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How does it work?

We can help you – we provide our Community Partners with strategic advice for addressing business questions and problems. Our approach consists of four core steps:

  1. We analyze your existing organization and identify how we can serve you
  2. We pair you with a team of consultants with relevant expertise and experience
  3. We create a structured project that outlines project scope, services to be provided and timelines of work to be done with clear milestones and deliverables
  4. We work with you to track the outcomes of our efforts and offer training to support proposed long-term solutions

Based on the level of partnership and project identified, Community Seed projects range in duration.

We currently offer…

Short and sweet. 2 – 4 month engagement with a dedicated team.
Larger Impact. 4- 8 month projects, typically with one dedicated team.
Seed to Tree:
Our unique program for Community Partners looking for a true partnership. These projects are 8+ months in duration, usually with changes and additions to the Community Seed project team as efforts evolve, with shorter defined ‘phases’ that are tied to a project road map created during the initial assessment. This program is reserved for dedicated Community Partners willing to make a long-term commitment to achieve a large-scale impact.

Community Partner expectations...

To achieve meaningful organizational improvement and impact, Community Seed relies on the support and openness of Community Partners.

  • Provide complete and accurate application information
  • Determine who will serve as the day-to-day contacts and the executive sponsor
  • Assign support for the project internally
During the Project:
  • Respond to requests in a timely manner from your Community Seed team
  • Provide access to all materials required by the team, as appropriate/available
  • Be available to meet with the Community Seed team (in person or via conference call) every 2 weeks
  • Track any established and agreed to metrics during the project and provide the information to Community Seed
  • Complete follow up survey information
  • Complete follow-up check points typically at the 6 month, 1 year, and 2 year marks

Who Are Our Partners?


Although during our pilot phase our services have no associated cost, we do plan to require a small donation for our services in the future. This nominal amount will ensure that all non-profits, big and small, have access to Community Seed, while improving the sustainability of our organization. These funds will cover project related expenses.
No. We currently serve a range of non-profit and community organizations.
We want your Community Seed project to be successful. Please see How does it work? for more information.
We can help you with a funding strategy. Our consultants, however, do not fundraise on behalf of Community Partners.
We are always looking for new challenges. Please Contact Us with your information so we can discuss your challenge with you.

Community Partners: Apply Now

We appreciate your interest. Community Seed officially launches in spring 2014. Apply to be an early-adopter of a truly great service. Please fill in our application form below.