Growing Community Impact

Community Seed organizes professionals to give their time and skills to grow non-profits success

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We are a non-profit sector partner

Community Seed facilitates grassroots growth of local non-profits – our Community Partners— by offering consultative services and providing better value to volunteers, donors, and communities who support a charitable cause.

We are a collection of experienced volunteers

Highly-skilled volunteer professionals, in fact, who provide pro-bono consulting and professional services to non-profits ranging from marketing strategy to operational optimization.

We offer Community Partners pragmatic value

We design systems and processes to make our Community Partner’s work and impact the very best it can be. The end result is an enriching experience for our volunteer consultants and important efficiency and growth improvements in non-profit organizations that lead to more effective aid provision.

We believe in realistic and sustainable solutions

Our goal is to ensure Community Partners leave with the training and resources they need to implement positive change and continue to focus on improvements toward the achievement of their mission(s). We also leave them with a plan on how to track these improvements, and we check-up on clients and provide periodic review to enable steady growth.